Strategic Plan

Achariya Arts and Science College is committed itself to a collaborative strategic planning process that in turn supports the Mission, Vision and Values of the institution. It is designed in such a manner that effectively support a process of continuous improvement of the institution by involving all of its stakeholders.

The paramount focus of this long-range planning is to guide the overall progress of the institution and also to ensure that the institutional resources are utilised for the development of this organization towards a path of competence in the field of higher education.

The college consciously focusses on the current macro environmental changes and challenges including the technological advances, the liberalization of educational opportunities, a gamut of choices in higher education due to the New Education Policy and thereby igniting the young minds with the sense of creativity, competence and capability.

In the light of the above context, the strategic plan has been designed that primarily imparts the thrust on multidimensional approaches to achieve the essential goals in the thrust areas of academic excellence, research and development, infrastructure and strategic alliances which are considered as the fundamental pillars for the institution’s growth in the path of excellence.

To note specifically, the strategic plan of the college focuses on the ‘FIFTEEN PRIORITIES’ which in turn will act as framework for the overall guidance of the institution’s operations towards excellence. The fifteen priorities are as follows:

  1. Pedagogical excellence with a judicious mix of technology and creativity.
  2. Thrust to infrastructural development.
  3. Connect with the student.
  4. Igniting the literary spark through literary clubs and other forums.
  5. Nurturing moral values.
  6. Inculcating the importance and the sanctity of womanhood and motherhood to the students.
  7. Conserving nature and ecology.
  8. Upliftment of the financially backward and rural area students through scholarships and concessions.
  9. Emphasis on entrepreneurial excellence.
  10. Impetus to national service scheme.
  11. Accent on sports with the sole objective of promoting sportspersons of international stature.
  12. SEED programs with Tie-ups.
  13. Thrust on placements.
  14. Flotation of new programs to keep in tune with the winds of change.


1. Pedagogical excellence with a judicious mix of technology and creativity.


  • Incorporating digital technologies along with the conventional method of teaching by adopting the technology enabled pedagogy at all the levels by promoting the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools such as MS Teams, Google Meet, zoom, that ignites profound changes in the teaching-learning process.
  • Propelling the use of Learning Management System (LMS) like Examly (NEO-LMS) to track student progress, manage content, identify learning gaps to facilitate the learning process in gamification manner.
  • Planning to integrate different learning platforms like SWAYAM, NPTL, and MOOC in its curriculum and to enrich the students, thereof.
  • Development of unique E-contents by the faculty members to make the teaching-learning very effective.
  • Organising faculty development/induction programs at recurrent intervals to upgrade the knowledge and skills of the faculty members for their personal and professional development.
  • Rigorous monitoring of the curriculum by conducting Academic Audits
  • Catering the departments to blend and align their regular curricula as per the global demands to act as an interface between the industry-academia.
  • Encouraging the participation of industry experts in curriculum development by taking up the projects jointly with the faculty members/technicians of the college.
  • Promoting the academic excellence through guest lectures, workshops, symposia, mentoring, and webinar
  • To foster the ambience conducive to research activities with the potential of innovation and commercialization.
  • Implementation of Research Advisory Committee (RAC) to support the start-ups ideas with a notion to nurture the innovative thoughts by assisting the grass-root innovators.
  • RAC also encourages the faculty members to submit their research publications in peer reviewed journals with high impact factor and facilitates them to publish books/manuscripts which helps in fostering the reputation of the institution.
  • Upgradation of the institution library at recurrent basis and the implementation of digital library with the dynamic blend of technology to provide world-class education and smart learning spaces.
  • Through JaiHo collaboration to make the students to get a hands-on experience of real entrepreneurial skills in the Hope Bazaar.

2. Thrust to infrastructural development.


  • Upgradation of classrooms into modern smart class rooms to provide a conducive teaching-learning experience to the students.
  • Wi-Fi enabled campus with high-speed internet.
  • Eco-friendly Green campus to sustain the ecological balance in and around the campus area.
  • Promoting the use of renewable energy by installing the solar panels, rain water harvesting wells, vermicompost pits through which the notion of energy conservation gets imbibed in the young minds.
  • Ramps facilities at appropriate points around the campus for encouraging the DIVYANGJAN students to access various facilities.
  • Dedicated washrooms spaces for faculty members and students of both the genders.
  • Elevator facility is enabled for the easy access of the classrooms located in other floors.
  • Well furnished rooms for promoting various clubs and forum activities.
  • Implementing a separate Entrepreneurial Development Cell to develop entrepreneurship and start-up skills.
  • Upgraded library subscribed with reputed national and international journals, magazines, newspapers, to provide an outstanding learning experience.
  • Leveraging the digital library systems with an intent to preserve, manage the extensive resources of the library and also to make the resources more easily accessible and user-friendly.
  • Specially designed & well-maintained science laboratories are installed with sophisticated equipment and computer laboratories with high end systems with the sole objective of disseminating high quality of education to the students.
  • Separate space has been allotted for student counselling centre wherein students are provided with professional counselling, psychological and career counselling in the notion of enhancing their personal and professional development.
  • College Wellness Centre (CWC) have been maintained with basic amenities for fostering the personal care and to provide immediate medical assistance to the faculty members and students of the organization.
  • Other services like grievances boxes (suggestion boxes) are installed across the corridors of the campus to facilitate safe and secure ambience for the students.
  • Establishment of virtual knowledge resource centres to promote the digital learning methodologies.
  • A dedicated EXAM CELL to conduct the examinations and to navigate other progress of the programmes.
  • Sports complex has been tooled up with all the necessary provisions to promote all the indoor and outdoor games.
  • The College is endowed with well-furnished hostels separately for both the genders.
  • Fully furnished board room for hosting the meetings.
  • Meeting room for IQAC has been allotted to conduct various important proceedings of the IQAC.
  • Air-conditioned seminar hall, equipped with audio-visual systems for hosting curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular events such as guest lectures, group discussion, speaker sessions, seminars and symposia amongst others.
  • Modern Cafeteria facility have been provided for both the faculty members and students.

3. Connect with the students.


  • Active statutory committees such as Grievance Redressal Cell, Anti-Ragging Cell, Internal Complaints Committee, SC/ST cell to address the issues of all the students at the earliest.
  • Separate Women Cell to empower girl students and advance in their careers with confidence and gusto.
  • Science clubs, Language clubs, and Commerce clubs to promote the co-curricular activities of the students.
  • Digital and ICT enabled smart class rooms equipped with modern pedagogical tools.
  • CCTV cameras are enabled to cater the safety requirements especially for the girl students studying in this well-endowed campus.
  • Booster and remedial classes to facilitate them to achieve their academic goals.
  • The Entrepreneurial Development Cell emerged as the bedrock for the generation of bright ideas for innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Library acts as an empowering unit installed and upgraded with all the necessary resources and latest technology to provide the best learning environment and also to assist the students in the process of actualisation.
  • Separate Training and Placement Cell room to cater the career opportunities of the students.
  • Sport cell facilitates the training sessions of various indoor and outdoor games to the students to promote their talents in the field of sports.
  • Counselling centres, fitness centres, and wellness centres in the campus plays significant role in focussing the personal and mental hygiene of the students.
  • Well-maintained individual hostel facilities for both the genders mimics the residential lifestyle to avoid the home-sick in young minds.
  • Green campus provides a peaceful and comfortable place for the academic pursuits.
  • Complete SMOKE & DRUG campus.

4. Igniting the aesthetic spark through literary clubs and other forums.


  • Language Clubs established in the college play a major role in developing the creative skills of the youth of the college.
  • Through organising quiz programs, debate sessions, group discussions the club plays a vital role in improving the thinking, speaking, listening and the presentation abilities of the students.
  • Club conducts orientation/induction programs to the students which envision to build the confidence in the young minds.
  • Aims at providing/creating opportunities to the students to participate in various competitions to make them gain confidence.
  • Club carries out several events/activities to inculcate the significance of cultural and traditional values among the student community.
  • Promote the students to engage themselves in publishing small magazines, books, articles, poetry collections that enable them to think and express their thoughts, and feelings in a written form.
  • It acts as a facilitator to induce the urge of learning by promoting the students to read books, newspapers, solving puzzles and also the use of thesaurus. etc.,

5. Nurturing moral values.


  • Shambala in Achariya, brings people together of all ages and all areas of life who are interested in exploring their own minds, transforming experience, and awakening their potentials for enlightened society.
  • Shambala meditation is a key to open one-self for expansion of consciousness, healing, inner revelations, insights, creative inspirations, opening of the heart and a deeper understanding of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies and connection to our Soul Athma.
  • Through oneness meditation, institution aims at nurturing the students to be the lifelong learners in intercultural understanding, technology, creation, co-creation, collaboration and an active engagement in community service, to become the proud citizens of India to contribute and make a difference to their generation.
  • To inculcate the idea of mindfulness through golden meditation, every day at 12.00 PM-12.10 PM the students are allowed to meditate by listening to the meditation on a regular basis.
  • The notion of shambala meditation is to Enrich and Empower the students to be physically healthy… mentally strong… intellectually sharp… emotionally balanced… and spiritually aligned… to Achariya culture.

6. Inculcating the importance and the sanctity of womanhood and motherhood to the entire lady students of the college


  • As per the University Grants Commission (UGC) recommendation, the college established the Women Cell (WC) with the aim of empowering and orienting women to recognise their true potential and also to help them attain their own impeccable status in this competitive world.
  • Women cell organises events and activities to create awareness about the important issues related to women; to impart knowledge on legal rights of women and also to inculcate ethical values in the young minds for the betterment of self, family and society.
  • It also acts as a forum for discussion and deliberation on a range of issues from empowerment to environment.
  • Women cell will associate itself with the other statutory cells and committees of the college to address and resolve the gender issues swiftly in order to provide a peaceful ambience to the students.

7. Conserving nature and ecology


  • The college is a ‘clean and green campuses for it has a very clean, green and beautiful landscape and plantations that provide an excellent ambience for learning.
  • Eco Club in association with IQAC promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the campus by taking lead in rigorous monitoring the existing environmental performance of the campus in a participatory and transparent way.
  • Also, to provide a step-by-step guide for making the campus clean and green by creating sustainable solutions to environmental, social and economic needs of the mankind.
  • Functions of the eco club is to monitor
  1. Water-harvesting activities undertaken in the campus that helps in enhancing the ground water availability.
  2. The process of recycling of waste water to reuse them for further gardening activities.
  3. The installation and maintenance of solar panels to generative alternative power sources such as solar electricity.
  4. The vermicompost pits to promote the solid waste management concepts in the campus.
  5. The screening and segregation of wastes disposed in the campus.
  • To generate case studies on best swachh practices that can serve as models for other institutions to adopt.
  • To coordinate with the other statutory cells to promote clean and green campus.

8. Upliftment of the financially backward and rural area students through scholarships and concessions.


  • The institute acts as a facilitator to the students by getting the OBC, Post Metric Scholarships provided by the government for pursuing their higher education.
  • To promote the admission of students from financially backward class and also from rural area, trust provides concessions in their tuition fees.

9. Emphasis on entrepreneurial excellence.


  • Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) of the college acts as an institutional mechanism to create entrepreneurial culture in the institution to foster growth of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst the faculty and the students.
  • The motto is to promote entrepreneurship among the youth in order to nurture a passion for self-employment.
  • EDC aims to bridge the gap between demand and supply of manpower through self-employment as a feasible option.
  • Achariya majorly focusses on preparing the students through conducting various bazaars, forums, awareness camps, guest lectures, competitions round the year to get them oriented towards setting up enterprises which will provide them creativity, freedom and ability to generate wealth.
  • It focuses on arranging skill development programmes to sharpen business acumen of students and aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • The EDC would be a networking hub for people aspiring to be entrepreneurs and also play a role in team building by giving proper direction and necessary exposures in converting technical ideas/projects into viable business plans.
  • Coordinating with women cell for promoting women entrepreneurship.
  • Establishment of technological incubator.
  • Forging tie-ups with the companies of repute for CSR program and laboratory collaborations.

10. Impetus to national service scheme.


  • The institution holds a vibrant NSS team that works round the clock to satisfy the vision of National Service Scheme (NSS) a public service program sponsored by the Indian government by developing the personality of students through various community services.
  • NSS organises regular camps in which the volunteers visit a rural area and perform activities like cleaning, afforestation, rallies, shows etc.,
  • It also invites doctors from the hospitals to the campus for regular health check ups and also conducts free health camps for the rural population.
  • NSS team regularly adopts villages in and around the campus, and coordinate several awareness programs and drives in the adopted villages.
  • Celebration of all national and international days in the campus through NSS team to develop the practice of national harmony and national integration among the students.
  • Through various awareness campaigns and events NSS promote the acquirement of leadership qualities in the young minds.

11. Accent on sports with the sole objective of promoting sportspersons of international stature.


  • The department of physical education established in the college with the motto of training the students to remain physically fit, mentally strong and energetic by engaging them in physical exercises.
  • The campus creates a broad-based platform for sports facilities in the campus which enriches the sportsman spirit in the youth community.
  • The students are encouraged to participate in the sports activities.
  • Special concessions in the tuition fees are also provided for the students during their admission through sports quota.
  • The department of physical education is coaching the students to participate in various inter and intra college events and also in the competitions held at district, region, state, and national levels.
  • Our students have won any laurels in national and international games especially in commonwealth games in weightlifting.
  • By coordinating with women cell of the college, it promotes the participation of female students in various events and competitions.
  • Inter-college games like Kabbadi, volley ball under the auspices of Pondicherry University at our college grounds.

12. Thrust on placements.


  • The college solely concentrates on the career development of the students through Training & Placement Cell by bringing in reputed companies from various industrial sectors for the placements of the students.
  • Personality enhancement training programs like mock interviews, group discussions, communication skills workshops are exclusively organised by the Training & Placement Cell to enrich the students to equip themselves as per the new standards of the industries.
  • Several career guidance programmes are also organised by the cell to facilitate the contacts between companies and wards.
  • Aims to place the maximum number of students through campus and off-campus interviews.

13. SEED programs with Tie-ups.


  • School of Entrepreneurial and Employability Skill Development (SEED) established in the campus with the notion of bridging the gap between academic and industry demands by supplementing the regular curriculum with wide variety of certificate courses in the domains of life sciences, computer sciences, technology, marketing, business & commerce, banking & accounting etc.,
  • SEED collaborated with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Sector Skill Council (SSC), The National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), Council for Vocational Education and Skill Development (CVESD), National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET) and Bharat Sevak Samaj (BSS) to provide several technical and skill-based certificate courses in order to fulfil the ever-changing global scenario.
  • It also aims to impart the spirit of entrepreneurship in the young minds to cope up with the emerging challenges.
  • SEED courses provide an opportunity to students to develop inter-disciplinary skills and mould them to grow as job providers rather than job seekers.
  • The mushrooming of several new career opportunities has made it difficult for youngsters to make choice in identifying career options and finding appropriate higher education routes and it is been resolved with the guidance of SEED that enables the students to determine the right decisions.

14. JaiHo programmes


  • Joining Able India for Helping Opportunities (JAI HO) Academy collaborated with the college is mainly focussed to provide a quality entrepreneurial education program to the students.
  • Envision to empower the students towards enterprise and entrepreneurship, to nurture and enrich their right to create a collective socio-economic movement, to uplift the youth of the nation, to be self-sustained through skills and knowledge, optimizing resources and giving space for a ‘One Organisation’ which India is proud of, built by student Indian.
  • Education for Employment to change to Education for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship; empowering students through immersive learning and earning game; and build India Campaign – oneness of Indians through the powerful student spirit are the mission of the academy.
  • JAI HO goal is to redefine education paradigm by co-creating natural earning environments; through immersive earning platform; gamifying the process of head-hand-heart education; to empower 1 million young students into an entrepreneurship journey and with a mission to make-sell-buy in India.
  • The objectives of JAIHO is to transform current education system to a new learning system; to learn, earn and evolve; make students get enterprise mindset; enable students to be successful in creating profitable ventures; track evolution of students in the marketplace; taste money, make money and create wealth; promote innovative thinking and start-up cult; and engage student community.
  • Role based certifications, product gurus, technology champions, sales professionals, entrepreneurs’ eCommerce specialists, innovators, finance professionals, student mentors, per to peer network are the outcomes of JAI HO academy.
  • To note specifically, it offers a 12 month – Family Business & Entrepreneurs (FBE) program – a world class curriculum focusing on family business that shapes the family’s legacy and prepare the individual to lead the business into the global market with leadership skills.

15. Flotation of new programs to keep in tune with the winds of change.


  • The emergence of digital technologies and the emerging importance of leveraging technology for teaching-learning at all levels and even the New Education Policy (NEP) ignites the higher education to identify appropriate replication for different courses in the notion of promotion of more student enrolment, improved student learning outcomes, enhanced institutional reputation, to open wide job markets.
  • College believes that in order to orient with the aforementioned dynamic aspects of higher education and also to satisfy the expectations of students belonging to diverse classes, institutions will need to upgrade continuously by introducing new interdisciplinary programs to be a part of the regular academic curriculum.
  • During its growth, the college has made acquainted with several courses in the domain of computer science, basic sciences for the students based on its demand positions in the job market.
  • All these years, the college is trying its level best to instigate many technical and skill-based courses to balance the institutional mission and long-term goals.